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Dear Sir or Madam,

Unfortunately, we are still facing enormous economic and personal challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemics. Minimizing risks and taking effective measures to prevent further spreading of the virus are continuing to be our major responsibility for the next months.

Before this background and given the current governmental regulations, we unfortunately do not see a possibility to realise our PAPER & BIOREFINERY CONFERENCE on 28/29 October 2020 in its proven form as networking event with the main focus on bringing people together.

While we are giving priority to our all health this year, we are already looking forward to 2021, where we hope to see you again in Graz. As soon as the date of our conference is fixed, we will inform you.

                         Wolfgang Bauer                            Kurt Maier                           Jörg Harbring
                      Chairman of APV Graz                     President of Austropapier                    President of ÖZEPA



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