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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

since 2016 the conference has proved again that it is reflecting all the latest trends and industry developments: Today’s pulp and paper sector is acting globally, embracing sustainability and constantly leveraging new potentials beyond traditional pulp and paper production. Since long production facilities have been operating as biorefineries and serving as heat and energy suppliers. Today their global success strategies rely even more on networking, versatility and innovation. Considering these developments also the Grazer “Paper Conference” adopted its format by giving it a broader focus and a more international scope.

As hosts our goal is to create an open platform sending out inspiring signals for the future. We’re aiming to give “BIOREFINERY” an even higher priority. Addressing more topics and reinforcing networking along the entire value chain as well as focusing on human resources/education are further steps on this journey. English as the official conference language will help to increase the number of international contacts.

Of course the event will continue to address current topics of our industry presented by distinguished speakers, feature an interesting trade show and offer pleasant social events. Thus many aspects that are vital for the competitiveness of our sector will again be considered and discussed. We are looking forward to these trendsetting discussions and count on seeing you again in Graz!

Kind regards                                Wolfgang Bauer                          Max Oberhumer                  Christian Skilich
                                                                Chairman of APV Graz                     President of Austropapier                 President of ÖZEPA


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